Apostolic Experiences 2015, News

Victoria’s Apostolic Experience

Working in the bilingual School „Hand in Hand”

For my apostolic experience I worked in the school called “Hand in Hand” which is a school for Arabic (Moslem and Christian) and Jewish children. It is a bilingual school in the languages of Arabic and Hebrew. There are two teachers in each class, one for the Hebrew and one for Arabic language, because the children learn both languages.

I am in the first class which means seven years old boys and girls. For me it is a great experience and I tried to challenge myself. Because I belong to the congregation of “Notre Dame de Sion”, this is the perfect place to practice our spirituality. In different missions trying to make peace and dialogue with others who are different and to accept them as they are. I help children who need some help in Arabic language and Mathematics. I play with them sometimes when they have sport time or are in the break. They are very happy when I am playing with them.

The teachers encouraged me to use my talent, so for example every Tuesday I do handicrafts with the children. They enjoy it and are waiting every Tuesday for me to teach them something. For me it is a great opportunity to use that time while I am preparing something to teach them. I enjoy it because I love to create something from simple things like papers or anything else. Instead of throwing it to the waste bin I can use it! I can easily find something in the house that we usually throw to the rubbish. The first week was a lot of fun because I don’t know very well who spoke Arabic and who spoke Hebrew and I always made mistakes. Sometimes I like to speak with the children and I called one child to translate for me. It is a big challenge but I love it. Some of the children try to teach me some words in Hebrew but it was funny because I didn’t pronounce very well.

Another experience was with the children who needed someone to feed them – I was very happy to give them food to make them strong. Every time I went there I received some energy from the children because they smiled at me and laughed. I love their smile because it was an innocent smile. I was a special Arabic teacher just for one clever student; she is volunteer in Ein Karem with us at “Notre Dame de Sion”. I really enjoyed these experiences which were so different for me but I love to experience new things even when there is a challenge because I like everything that has adventure but with help from God. What I felt in this period was God’s love.