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and we had fun!

We had fun in moving our belongings, and it took us, one hour and 20 minutes to move our beds, and mattresses, bedside tables and all our belongings to our house. Now we need to clean and sort out, to put in place. May God be blessed Amen.

Sinai, Sinai, Canonical Sinai

Sinai, Sinai, Canonical Sinai Sinai, sometimes you are called Horev The mountain Of God A sacred spot where Divine and human come face to face with To exchange covenantal relationship And to be in solidarity with humanity’s socio-political realm. O Sinai, Sinai, Canonical Sinai Walking to reach you in order to exchange covenantal relationship with God, Is not simple, easy and smooth For the road is hilly and rocky And one is commanded to walk barefooted They say it is important to remove the sandals. Because you’re a holy ground And we are standing on a sacred ground, Lest we trampled on other’s path. Sinai, Sinai, canonical Sinai As we begin threading our path, towards your peak, May we take-off whatever that will prevent us to walk respect fully, humbly and gently For we hope and hope to really meet God to exchange a covenant of love upon reaching your summit. So that when we start going down from your peak, May we become fully courageous to be part of God’s Action in history?

Begin of Canonical Year

Spiritual year „Sinai“ This year will stress the relationship with God with the Question?  “Can I be alone with God” Special emphasis on a prayerful study of the Bible, on reflection and personal and community prayer. It is a time to leave all in order to follow Christ, chaste, poor and in obedient.

Victoria is sharing her call.

My name is Victoria Nabil Helmi. I am Egyptian, originating from a poor Coptic-Catholic family living in village in Upper Egypt. I have a high school diploma in the sewing section and my hobbys are drawing and handicrafts. After graduating from school I worked for a year in the kindergarten of our village because I love children. The sisters of Notre Dame de Sion living in our village know me well from the time I was a child and they also know my family. From the time I was young I used to think about being a sister but when I grew up I forgot this idea. But the Lord reminded me again about this idea with a  verse of the scripture saying: “Leave everything and come and follow me.” Also the mission of the sisters in the village had an effect on me and so I again began to think about religious life. Why did I choose to be a sister in the Congregation of “Notre Dame de Sion”? First of all, its not …

Evening with the Brothers

Asking the Question: “what is religious life?” Religious life a call from God, Jesus and our respond is following this call. This call makes God, the Word of God the centre in our life and we live this call within Community, which is a giving of ourselves to others, in our Ministry. It means that we live a life which has a structure, of prayer, community, and Ministry. Religious life, a culture of giving, space and time to God. In the evening we where welcomed by or brothers of Sion for a evening meal. It took not long and we had a singing, dancing evening where joy and thanksgiving mixed