Month: August 2015

Music and Qubebe

During the second week of our music session we shared our learnings in the old folks home in Qubebe, which as traditions has, is one of the Emmaus remembrance, recalled in the gospel of Luke.

“If music is the food of love, then play it on”

In our music class, we have learned new beautiful and lovely songs. Some of us have learned to play the guitar, the harp, and a one-on-one voice lesson with Fr. Werner Hebeisen, SJ. We worked all the time as a group. We keep the spirit of the group by giving out the best in us, and that is the most essential action in making things possible. We are not really musicians, but we go beyond our limitations by discovering and unveiling the hidden gifts that we possess with the help of our dear teacher who never give up in believing in us. I always remember the famous word in the whole session, especially when we were out of tune, to keep hoping that miracle will work. Indeed, it worked! Every single day, we were counting the miracles that happened, which boosted our self-esteem and gave us the courage to do it! I’ve learned from this experience that you should never give up on the things you’ve been working on because sometimes things do not work …

Rozeni´s experience at Ecce Homo

Being at Ecce Homo I found that I could meditate about Jesus’ Passion, how he suffered and endured death on a cross. I felt that this place is holy and means so much to us as sisters of Sion. It means a great deal also to Christians, Jews and Muslims. I can pray in several places – at times in the Lithostrotos, in the Basilica or in the garden. In Ecce Homo I can manage my work life and my spiritual life. Here too, I have many possibilities to make new friends, to know more about the country, to see other churches and to talk about our charism and spirituality. In St. Mary’s I am making a good experience of community life. Once week I am responsible to prepare the prayer for the week and prepare the Peace Prayer with a member of the Chemin Neuf. At our morning prayer we have a moment to share our feelings about what has happened around of world and to share our personal feelings and prayers. I am …