Volunteers are very special people who travel to different parts of the world and give of their time and service. Volunteers share in the work and in the life of the Communtiy.

.. in Jerusalem Ecce Homo

Social evening of volonteers in Ecce Homo

Social evening of volonteers in Ecce Homo

Very often they choose to come to Ecce Homo Convent which is situated on the Via Dolorosa in the Old City of Jerusalem. Since our primary ministry in this pilgrim house is one of welcome and hospitality for our guests and visitors,who like:

  • to participate in the Biblical study program of the house,
  • to stay in our guest house,
  • to visit and pray in the Lithostrotos (A Roman pavement in the basement of the house where the trial of Jesus is thought).

The volunteers share in this work and in the life of the house in many and varied ways.Their three-month stay with us gives them time to understand more fully our charism which is to witness to God’s faithful love for the Jewish people. This call implies that we, as Sisters of Sion, are mindful of the three aspects of our call – to the Church, to the Jewish people and to a world of justice, peace and love.


.. in Jerusalem Ein Karem

Hous Ein Karem

House in Ein Karem

The Sisters and Brothers of  “Notre Dame de Sion” in Ein Kerem are happy to welcome “volunteers”. The “volunteers” must already have some contact with the Congreagtion of “Notre Dame de Sion” (Brothers and/or Sisters) and be recommended by  “Notre Dame de Sion.”
For this reason, along with giving the “volunteers” full room and board in exchange for their work, we also offer them the possibility of getting some formation according to the charism of the Congregation of  “Notre Dame de Sion”. Thus, this time of practical experience will enable them to be messengers of this charism in the Church. The formation offered includes participation in courses and lectures, visits to sites (among others, the possibility of two one-day excursions to Galilee and to the desert), contact with the lived reality of the country, participation in Jewish feasts.



.. in El Berba, Ägypten

Wilson and Elisabeth volonteer in Berba

Wilson and Elisabeth volonteer in Berba


The Community of the Sisters of Sion in Berba (Upper Egypt) offers a three-month volunteer program. During this time the participants would participate in the life and work of the sisters and the parish.( Mentally handicapped daycare center, church activities, teaching English or computer skills to children and adults…..) It would be a time of living in a different culture, and getting used to a different life and work style. Berba is a village in the El Minia region of Egypt in a predominantly Muslim cultural environment.