ND de Sion Schools

Sion school

Bilingual school ND de Sion in Quebec

17 ND de Sion schools worldwide founded by the Sisters and Brothers of Notre Dame de Sion educate and share Father Theodore’s spirit of respect and dignity.


École Bilingue Notre Dame de Sion in Quebec: www.ebnds.ca, sistersofsion.net/school


Notre Dame de Sion, Kansas City, Missouri: www.ndsion.edu 

Costa Rica

Colegio Nuestra Señora de Sion in Moravia sion.ed.cr

Escuela Nuestra Señora de Sion in Turrialba


Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion in Curitiba sioncuritiba.com.br

Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion in São Paulo www.colegiosion.com.br    

Escola São Teodoro de Nossa Senhora de Sion in São Paulo www.sionsp.com.br/sion

Colégio Sion in Rio de Janeiro www.sion.g12.br

Aracaju: Oasis center  http://oasisamigosdesion.blogspot.com.br

Salvador: Kindergarden and Pim education through dancing and musik.


Our Lady of Sion College in Box Hill www.sion.catholic.edu.au


Notre Dame de Sion in Istanbul www.nds.k12.tr/?lang=fr


Notre-Dame de Sion in Saint Omer sion.escap.fr

Notre-Dame de Sion in Paris www.sion-paris.fr/accueil

Collège et Lycée Notre Dame de Sion in Evry www.sion91.fr

Notre-Dame de Sion in Strasbourg www.notredame67.com

Notre-Dame de Sion in Marseille www.notredamedesion.fr

Collège Notre Dame de Sion in Grenoble www.ndsion.org

United Kingdom

Our Lady of Sion School in Worthing www.sionschool.org.uk

Map of “Notre Dame de Sion” School around the world: www.ndsion.edu/about_sion/sion-around-the-world

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