In a guest house and with L’Arche

“I was glad when they said let us go to the house of God” Ps. 122:1

“Do not try to please everybody. Try to please God, the angels and saints they are your public,” said St. John Vianney.

I would like to thank God for this opportunity of being here in Jerusalem with a big community again after my novitiate. I am a Sister of Sion, part of the community in Ecce Homo. I am able to take any responsibilities in the community and are ready for that. I had experience in this community before my novitiate for 5 months in 2013.

“Each stage of our life is unique with its alternating periods of strength and weakness, health and sickness, activity and rest. Every experience can bring us closer to God and others, for they bring opportunities both to give and to receive.” (Constitution 89)

About my community: The support from the community is also caring about each other and trying to understand and respect the other, building intimate relationships among ourselves. Every day the sisters gather for a time of relaxation. The welcome they give to each other is an expression of their unselfish love. (Constitution 9c)

I made my retreat for one week and it was a big blessing for me. And from that time it was good to build my life after living a hard time and carrying lot of things about my father because of his sickness. And how much is my mum suffering with him! But I know and trust God that my family is in God’s hand. That’s why I was able to live this year far from them.

About the English Biblical program: It is really a great idea that young sisters have this experience. I learned a lot from this month it was good to study about the Bible in the Land. Meeting interesting people during this month and trying to deal with each person was fantastic.

“I keep the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved” Ps. 16:8

Volunteer work:

  1. Children in Bethlehem: “The hands of God and of the Blessed Virgin were visible throughout this great event” bc 4: 28. Catechesis with children in need because their behavior really needs someone who can give them some love, care and tenderness. Even though I don’t like teaching, I can give them my time and love, care, respect… I would have liked to do something different because in Egypt I have to be in Catechesis. Being with the children every summer, it has been a great experience.
  2. Soup kitchen: It is really great to serve people which is something I learned from Ecce Homo. It was a good experience to see the people who come to the soup kitchen – some very appreciative, some very demanding and taking all they could. It made me reflect on each one being different and accepting all. I was looking back about myself and how I was when I was with my family. Was I thankful or complaining? According to my family I was thankful and trying to have what I needed not what I wanted! It was hard for me as a child because I wanted what my friends had, but I had to accept not to get everything.
  3. With L’Arche (Ma’an Lil-Hayat – Together for Life): This is an organisation in Bethlehem for children who have special needs. They do handicrafts and some decorations for Christmas and other things from sheep wool. It has been a great joy for me and it was like charging my energy because they tell stories – also in my mother tongue arabic – and make me laugh a lot. They are so innocent.

Attending the course about Sion’s Charism was really a rich time for me and at the end of three months we had to present something about the Charism. In the beginning I struggled a lot but finally I made a video which will be useful to others too not just for me.

Some work in the Ecce Homo guesthouse (Jerusalem) which was good and helped me to know more people and showing welcome, respect and love. I tried to enjoy every moment here in Jerusalem between Ein Karem and Jerusalem. I loved it and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Some biblical studies with Anne Catherine was really rich time and a special moment because I love the Bible.

I had for a second time a seminar in Non-Violent communication with Fr. Guy which was helpful and and I understood more then the first time.

Participating with the conferences with Brothers of Sion every second Thursday was good because all the family of Sion was studying together.

I have been almost three years in Jerusalem and I didn’t go to Emmaus on Easter Monday yet! But this year I went and it was a great experience for me. There were more than 600 people.

I am really thankful for this time with my community in Ecce Homo

“I turned to the Heart of Jesus and it was in this Heart that I found my own.” Book 4: 40

Sr. Victoria Nabil NDS
Ecce Homo Community „St. Marys“
May 2017