Call of Joey



The reading from the Acts chapter 9:  verse 1-9 for me, is expressing the deepest feeling of one whose life has been touched by God. Like Saul, who heared the voice of Jesus and got up from the ground unable to see, even though his eyes were open. me too, I was blind folded by fear but God led me to discover the gifts and graces that are within me. The Spirit also leads me to recognize that even in the depth of my misery, God is there.

At the age of 17 I answered God´s call and by that time I was studying in the University.

Many things happened along my journey with the other congregation and one of those problems was my health situation. My doctor advised me to stop my formation, and to have time for my self and for my medical treatment. I was confronted by other challenges, the reality of life and I found myself searching for an explanation to every situation in life.

As I look deeper into my heart, my deep desire to search for God and to answer His call is still there. When I finished my medical treatment, I decided to look at  another congregation. It was a great blessing for me because when I was still in my previous congregation one of my classmates in IFRS (Institute of Formation and Religious Studies) was a Sion sister. I started to contact her, and that was the beginning of our on-going communication. I decided to have my community experience with the Sion Sisters and that led me to know Sion’s spirituality, charism, mission and their simple way of living. I was impressed by Sr. Pat Fox’s apostolate in the Philippines. She is totally involved in her work for justice and peace, among the struggling masses of poor people. I decided to enter Sion in 2012, I know that Sion can lead me to a deeper knowledge of God’s love for me and for those in need especially the least of our brothers and sisters- the forsaken, the poor, the suffering, the oppressed and marginalized which shows a more radical presence of Christ.
Like Saul, I feel challenged to become a witness and steward of God’s love for humanity.