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Our Founder Theodore said: ” you must live in your Bible like your Homeland” Acording to Jewish traditon, Torah and teshuva where created before the creation of the World.  Why  Torah and  teshuva, the sages anwser, because the Torah teaches the way to God, and teshuva shows the way to return to God. The word Torah means to show, to teach the way Ps: 25,8 teshuva means to come back, to return where you come from….

Sinai, Sinai, Canonical Sinai

Sinai, Sinai, Canonical Sinai Sinai, sometimes you are called Horev The mountain Of God A sacred spot where Divine and human come face to face with To exchange covenantal relationship And to be in solidarity with humanity’s socio-political realm. O Sinai, Sinai, Canonical Sinai Walking to reach you in order to exchange covenantal relationship with God, Is not simple, easy and smooth For the road is hilly and rocky And one is commanded to walk barefooted They say it is important to remove the sandals. Because you’re a holy ground And we are standing on a sacred ground, Lest we trampled on other’s path. Sinai, Sinai, canonical Sinai As we begin threading our path, towards your peak, May we take-off whatever that will prevent us to walk respect fully, humbly and gently For we hope and hope to really meet God to exchange a covenant of love upon reaching your summit. So that when we start going down from your peak, May we become fully courageous to be part of God’s Action in history?

Begin of Canonical Year

Spiritual year „Sinai“ This year will stress the relationship with God with the Question?  “Can I be alone with God” Special emphasis on a prayerful study of the Bible, on reflection and personal and community prayer. It is a time to leave all in order to follow Christ, chaste, poor and in obedient.

The call of Sr. Colette

Sr. Colette sees her Call as a gift from God, a seed that developed after being planted by the hand of God. This letter is a way of sharing some of that story. Growing up in a very poor family where sometimes, as a child, she had to go to school without breakfast because there was just nothing to eat for a family of seven in post-war Ireland.  Things changed when a sister of Sion, a distant relative, working in the school in   Worthing, England helped two children of the family to continue our education in the boarding school in Worthing. That meant that as child I never went home during the school year, as we just didn’t have the money for travelling. So I stayed with the sisters. After finishing my education, it was quite naturally the next step to enter the sisters and become one of them. I went to France for my novitiate and the next couple of years seemed to proceed very naturally, I experienced no big surprises or difficulties; I …