These are the years of personal maturing and integration and by that very fact, of growth in Christ and the spirit of the congregation.

As the sister prepares to live and serve in today’s world, she perceives Gods action in all the realities of her life: community experience, studies, apostolic work and prayer. Her life thus becomes more unified and her response ever more total. Art.77

Newer members are accompanied during this first period of temporally vows so that each one may grow in her experience of God, her participation in community and in her love and service of others, according to the charism of Sion.

At the end of a period of normally six years the young sisters and the Leadership team together with the Community and accompanying sister starts a process for the discernment for the final commitment in the Congregation.

This commitment is the expression of a single impulse of love in response to God: it demands that we love others as Christ did. Art22