Apostolic Sisters

Sisters of Our Lady of Sion are called to witness by our life to God’s faithful love for the Jewish people and his fidelity to the promises he revealed to the patriarchs and prophets of Israel for all humanity. In Christ, the pledge of their fulfilment is given us. This call implies that our apostolic life is characterized by a three-fold commitment:

  • to the Church
  • to the Jewish people, and
  • to a world of justice, peace and love.

Whatever task we are engaged in, we are called to integrate in some way, these three dimensions of our apostolic commitment. (Const .13)

Our vocation gives us a particular responsibility to promote understanding and justice for the Jewish community, and to keep alive in the Church, the consciousness that, in some mysterious way, Christianity is linked to Judaism from its orgin to its final destiny. (Const.14)

The events of our world and of our lives urges us to hear the cry of the poor and respond anew to the call of God to do justice. (Const.15)