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Letter from St. John in Montana, 07/2019

We share the Novitiate Community life with you!

Dear Sisters and Brothers, As time passes quickly we find ourselves already in the month of August where mornings and evenings are filled with cool fresh air and sometimes the Ein Karem valley is covered with fog in the early hours of the morning. In the middle of July, we went to Kiryat Ye´arim, also ... Read more...


As the earth longs for rain, my soul needs God, my heart waits for God, my mind waits for God, day and night the challenges present themselves, but I put my trust in the Lord, and I walk to do his will. His love and grace sustain me, into the fortress where my Savior lives ... Read more...

Letter from St. John in Montana, 06/2019

We share the Novitiate Community life with you!

Dear Sisters and Brothers, The months of May and June have been filled with many different activities. Sr. Maureen continued with the course on Human and Faith development and also guided us in a four day retreat, Sr. Patricia Watson came to visit us in the novitiate and shared with us her knowledge on dialogue ... Read more...


Ceremony of NDS Ein Karem

Commemorating 135th anniversary of Fr. Marys death

Video Source: Christian Media Center, Jerusalem

Sharing a vocation


Fr Mary Alphonse

During the month of May, we celebrated as a Sion community three events which remind us of the importance of the priesthood, not only for the church but also for the world. “Every high priest is selected from among the people and is appointed to represent the people in matters related to God,… He is ... Read more...

Back to Galilee

Always a growth experience!

We again had the opportunity to visit Galilee for a few days. This time we were accompanied not only by the rest of the Novitiate Community but also by the sisters of the Formation Team of the Congregation. It was simply wonderful to be able to share with all of them. Although within our itinerary ... Read more...

The Pact of Turkenstein

A Positive Answer to the aggression against the Church by the powers in the French Revolution

During the French Revolution, the wave of anger against the Catholic Church rapidly took shape. The Legislative Assembly (1791), the Revolution’s second parliament, was even more extreme than the first. Thus divorce was also legalized. The clergy, which was not included in the constitutional contract, was declared to be unworthy of trust. In August 1792, ... Read more...