The cry of the heart


A reflection by Carolina
I would like to base my reflection on two points:

* The first: The cry of the Heart.

Many of us, at some point have experienced the cry of the heart, a feeling of meeting what gives us true happiness. And sometimes we look for it in a profession, with friends, with our partner, in the way of life we live. In the end, no matter how what we do, this crying does not stop, it does not calm down. Until through prayer and a good relationship with God we achieve comfort and calm.

In my personal case, I could say that from the process of Discernment that I lived in Sion, this cry was extinguished. Calm, peace, and joy arrived in a real and full way, and problems and adversities do not have the same strength in me. There is something stronger that sustains me and keeps me hopeful and that is God.

* The Second: The important thing is not what he saw, but what he became.

My experience with God in the last three years has grown significantly. Today precisely with this phrase I felt within me the confirmation of a call that God had sent to me in previous days.

Thanks to the discernment process I discovered that I really like psychology. On the other hand, I wanted to study English as a subject that is now required in all jobs. By an opportunity given by Divine Providence I managed to enter to study English and Portuguese. But the same love for psychology led me to investigate and I realized that in Korea one of the main causes of death is suicide. This is because people feel lonely, they have no one to talk to, or share their successes, their sadness. That led me to find a way to learn the three languages. Because I felt the need to help, I remembered the phrase of Pope Francis “No one is saved alone”. It was at that moment that my motivation was transformed. Now I can say that I am preparing to become a psychologist, but at the same time I want to learn to speak in multiple languages so that I can help people of different languages discover how great they are and how happy they can be if they allow God to work on them.

* My summary; Today I am confirmed that God calls me to mix my spiritual experience, with psychology and languages. I want to dedicate my life to help others to discover themselves, and to find a way to be happy being guided God. I want to be able to approach people and speak to them in their own language in order to help them, to be more compassionate, and to show them that they are not alone that there is someone who loves us and wants us to be happy.

Thinking about that, wanting to achieve it and make it come true makes the cry in my heart stop completely. I would like to think that something similar lived in the founders hearts of the congregation.