Sr. Ivone dos Santos (en)

Why did I join Sion?

I can return this question to myself by answering the reason of my being, God has chosen me among so many on the face of the earth to belong and to be His people.

As much as we want to rationalize the objective formulas, we always find a shorter word, but quite eloquent: Love. Simplicity and welcome are the decisive reasons for my life in Sion.

Love was the fundamental point I took to enter in Sion. But what is love? We can not describe love, no matter how much I say, I will not know how to define it and I do not even want to do it. Only I have a certainty of one thing, God heard the cry of an oppressed people and freed them from slavery. I really can trust that God has heard my deep desire within my being, in the act of love that has given me certainty to live and serve all who need me, without distinction of race, color, etc. This made me see that life must be always happy and we must be happy in the service of the neediest. And about the question, I can affirm that it is with this love that I identify with the suffering and sensitive people in the action of God in the history.

And today I bring all these stories I have just told, my prayers and relationships in the community and outside of the community have been the crux of my reason for living. And also with my deep experiences in my life.

Sr. Ivone dos Santos NDS