Sisters in Saskatoon

The Sisters of “Notre Dame de Sion” in Saskatoon for many years have been members of the Diocesan commissions of Ecumenism and Inter-Faith. They also represent the diocese in an organization called “Multi-Faith Saskatoon”, made up of members from various religious traditions living here in this city. “Multi-Faith Saskatoon” has members from ten different religious communities, including Muslim, Hindu, and Bahai. The Jewish community is also an active member of this committee.

The Sisters of Sion, along with other Christian friends, are very welcome at the synagogue here in Saskatoon. Once a week, the rabbi leads a study called “Lunch and Learn”, held at noon. It became a place of meeting between the members of the synagogue who come to the study and those of us who attend. A warm welcome is also extended to visitors joining the services on the Sabbath and at the time of the Jewish Feasts.