Year: 2021

Juliana’s Pandemic and Sabbatical Year

When the pandemic year becomes a Sabbatical year. More than a year ago, life began to change with the emergence of the Corona Virus. During the first weeks, I experienced that my time was filled with more time to pray, to reflect, often and for longer periods. At this time, I was still thinking that within a month or two everything would be back to normal. So now, much later than anticipated, after 16 months of such slowing down, life is gradually becoming normal again here for us in Israel; whatever this new “normal” means!! It was not only this “slowing down” that I experienced during these months but I also organized the computer and cleansed it of all the unnecessary junk; the house got a good cleaning too. A few months later it became clear, that this was a world-wide calamity and that it would continue for longer than just a few weeks or months. Meetings or gatherings became prohibited, retreats in personal presence were not offered, and so the norm became zoom or …

The cry of the heart

A reflection by Carolina:
My summary; Today I am confirmed that God calls me to mix my spiritual experience, with psychology and languages. I want to dedicate my life to help others to discover themselves, and to find a way to be happy being guided God. I want to be able to approach people and speak to them in their own language in order to help them, to be more compassionate, and to show them that they are not alone that there is someone who loves us and wants us to be happy.