After Jerusalem

I appreciate the opportunity to consider the many gifts that God has given to me and the nourishing experiences I had in Jerusalem. I am happy that I am back in my community after my two-year Novitiate Formation in Jerusalem. Now, I am challenged to bring out the best in me and to use opportunities to apply what I have learned in my novitiate formation.

I am now studying for a Bachelor in Nursing. In my studies, I noticed that studying nursing is also a vocation and not just a profession, because we are dealing with life. Many times I struggle but I still find joy in it!  I give the best I could to every subject. I feel the spirit of the nursing family and that inspires me to continue despite the pressures. And whenever I encounter difficulties in my studies I always remind myself to look back the purpose why I am taking this course. This is not for my personal interest but for the interest of the people whose health are forgotten by the government and the poor people are excluded because of their social status.

During my semestral break, I decided to live with the Aeta (Indigineous People) community in Bataan and there I was deeply moved by their simple living and the way they were very generous with their limited resources. They help each other if one needs a hand in their farm works. This experience leads me to a deeper realization on my vow of poverty and community living.

In my apostolate I am one of the Nicodemus secretariats. It is a group of young professed religious brothers and sisters responding to the call of the times through social actions. The current issue today in the Philippines is the Extrajudicial killings against drug personalities; suspects are being put to jail and killed without due process and there is a call to bring back the death penalty. I was interviewed on air by GMA TV channel about the issue and we strongly condemned such a heinous act! We should respect life, because it is sacred. God is in each one of us.

Sr. Joey Papillo Eduvane NDS