Father Theodore’s dream

First Sisters in  Ramle

First Sisters in Ramle

According to Father Theodore, charity – loving kindness – is the principal virtue of the Daughters of Sion. He calls his sisters to love his people today and to make them loved. Already in his time, an intimate knowledge of the Bible through and with its Jewish sources was wisdom. His advice to the first sisters who went to Jerusalem was that they respect the dignity of the culture and language of the other. That they respect the persons of other faiths and cultures. It was Theodore’s concern to work with and for the poor, the neglected and deprived in this world. Theodore could already see in his time that openness to the other as well as working and living in collaboration with others were a valuable expression of religious life. Enjoying beauty was not foreign to his thinking or feelings. It was his dream to promote understanding and justice. His hope was to live reconciliation within the Sion community and universally.