Month: July 2014


We looked at the Socio-eco-political and religious situation in the time of the prophet Muhammed in the 6th century in Arabia. The two leading superpower empires at that time were the Byzantines (Ghassauids) and Persian (Lakhmids). Arabia is a desert and at the same an oasis. There are plants growing in the midst of the desert. The people of the land were nomadic however there were also settlers in Arabia. Their basic source of livelihood was trading. Mekka is the center of Arabia, it is also a place for religious worship, the Ka’aba. The Arabian people during that time were polytheists. The religion was polytheism. They believed and worshiped many gods. There were also Christians (Heretics) and Jews present in Arabia. Also there was a religious movement at that time called Hanif. This movement did not arise from Judaism and Christianity. They were Arabians who got tired of worshipping many gods. Jews and Christians have Traditions and Scriptures while the Hanif do not have Scriptures to follow. The similarity of the three existing groups during …

Movements in Judaism

Conservative Judaism Belief in one God; the Torah; The truth found in Jewish scriptures and other Jewish writings come from God,and were transmitted by humans and contain a human component.Halakhah is binding but Laws should change and adopt – science and faith can coexist.

Sr. Colette thank you for 60 years in Sion.

Sr. Colette sees her Call as a gift from God, a seed that developed after being planted by the hand of God. Growing up in a very poor family where sometimes, as a child, she had to go to school without breakfast because there was just nothing to eat for a family of seven in post-war Ireland.  Things changed when a sister of Sion, a distant relative, working in the school in   Worthing, England helped two children of the family to continue their education in the boarding school in Worthing. That meant that as child I never went home during the school year, as we just didn’t have the money for travelling. So I stayed with the sisters. After finishing my education, it was quite naturally the next step to enter the sisters and become one of them. I went to France for my novitiate and the next couple of years seemed to proceed very naturally, I experienced no big surprises or difficulties; I saw my life like a tapestry woven by the hand of …

Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul

We novices had the Opportunity to visit the home of 60 Jewish and Arab children with special needs. The home of the children is cared by the daughters of Charity, Saint Vincent of Paul in Ein Karem. We had strong feelings of emotions walking through the living quarters of this children so many of them are young adults. We marbled at  the love of God  which is revealed in the Goodness of people who open their hearths to give time and love in serving the mentally handicapped that despite their  physically and mentally handicapped  want to give love and want to be loved.