Month: November 2015

Together again

Together again. We just had finished our apostolic experiences and now we are all together again in the novitiate house. It is so wonderful coming together and sharing our different encounter with God through our experiences. With a great joy we started our christmas decoration and also we lighted the first candle of hope, where we are called to live this season of advent. 50 years in the bible it is very important because it represents freedom fullness and a new beginning of new life life. So On 27 on November we celebrate the 50 years of golden jubilee of sister Therese Dominique one of our contemplative sister all the communities of Jerusalem joined to celebrate the new life of sister Therese Dominique in Sion. Novice Alejandra                                                                                       Jerusalem 27.11.2015

Educational holiday for two novices

Thursday, November 19th On the feast of St. Elisabeth the two novices Alejandra and Victoria arrived in Linz. They left Cracow in the morning by plane and took the ICE train which goes directly from Vienna Airport to Linz. It was a wonderful feeling to meet the two young women at the train! Almost a miracle became true! After Barbara an I (Andreas) had been several times in El Berba and saw where Victoria was living, now she stepped down to our home town together with her novice friend Alejandra! We were happy! In the train station we first had a short visit to the Caritas Centre for Migrants. Since September many migrants especially from Afghanistan and Syria pass by Linz. The one who ask for Asylum in Linz, mostly the ones from Afghanistan don’t get any accommodation by the government anymore. The two large camps close to Vienna and in Upper Austria are overcrowded and the government seems in no hurry to find any solutions. As long as they are not registered at any …

A dream became true

I, Victoria was so happy when I heard that Andreas and Barbara invited us to their home. It was a great idea to stop in Austria coming from Cracow for a few days! It was a big joy for me because I know them since they were in Egypt and in Berba. But now I really know them very well! I know now how they live in their daily life in real, not just to meet them, but to live with them. I felt like I am with my family. It was a special invitation by them. I have never ever dreamed about that kind of visit to their place called Linz. Andreas and Barbara welcomed us with great joy and full of energy. Andreas took us for a walk and a little tour around Linz. It is a wonderful place and a quite area. We also went for one morning to test how it is to practice music and we found out that we can sing but just we need to practice a lot. We learned …

Videoclips Concert August 2015

After a two weeks Music Workshop with Fr. Werner Hebeisen SJ the Novices performed a concert in the Great Chapel of NDS Ein Karem together with some Sionbrothers and Sister. Here you get all the Videos through the Playlist of Fr. Hebeisens Youtube Channel. Click on the small lines in the left up corner of the video to get all single videos.


When we, Victoria and Alejandra, came back from Poland, we spent some days with Andreas and Barbara. They are a couple and are friends of Sion. They have been in Egypt, specialy in Berba. That’s why they invited us to stay in Linz from the 19. to 22. of November 2015. What can I say about Austria special from Linz? It is a beautiful city and is the third largest city of Austria approximately 60 kilometres from Czech Republic and also has a beautiful river called Danube. Our first day in Austria we took the train from the Vienna airport to Linz. Our trip was two hours. Andreas was waiting for us at the train station. From there we went to his home which is located in the neighbourhood Dornach. After that we had a very nice walk to a hill where Andreas showed us how the train worked with horses to export salt from one city to another. The second day we had a music workshop with Father Werner Hebeisen. He is a Jesuit …