The best gift!

Few days ago, when I saw the schedule for the next week, I was so happy to see that ‘Bethlehem trip’ was written down on the agenda.

In my happiness, I forgot to think about a gift. I was going to visit my friends Mary and Joseph and their new baby, Jesus who is also my friend. How could I go to visit them if I did not have a gift to bring?

The day arrived when we were to go to Bethlehem. I was so agitated. I left the house with empty hands, thinking what my friends Mary, Joseph and Jesus would say about my negligence.

During the journey I was thinking what excuse I could have. At the same time, I hoped that maybe I could find a shop in Bethlehem where I could buy some clothes, toys, sweets or flowers for Mary. No store in Bethlehem had a perfect gift for them. I was so disappointed.

When I got to their house, I saw that others had come to see the newborn baby. This was wonderful to meet other friends of Jesus, but I noticed another thing, too, they also had no gifts in their hands.

I wondered: Has everyone had trouble finding the ideal gift?

Then I asked myself: What is the ideal gift for you, Iulia? If it was your feast what gifts would you like to receive?

I certainly knew the answer! The love of others is enough.Their simple presence makes more than the most expensive gift in the world for me.

That was perfect! I had been searching for insignificant gifts, when, all this time the ideal gift for Jesus was with me, in my heart!

Our heart is the best gift for Jesus! A heart full of love and kindness.

Visiting Bethlehem, I saw on one of their walls strong messages about the injustice that is happening between peoples. People that make others suffer. Are their hearts full of love and kindness or full of power and hatred? Can it be a heart that is a gift for God and others?

This thirst for power makes us forget about human values and to win it we kill others in many different ways.

Now, as Christmas is approaching, it might be good to ask ourselves: Are our hearts ready to be a gift for Jesus?

Iulia NDS
Ein Karem 17.12.2018