„St. John in Montana News“ 09/2017

Ein Karem, Monday, 25 September 2017

As the summer heat is changing into autumn warm and refreshing winds in the evening, life is enjoyable with all the Religious Feasts among the Jerusalem Population. Id al-Adha the Muslim Pilgrim Feast is behind us and in front of us are the High Holidays of the Jewish Community.

On September 7th began the second semester of the Reshit Da’at Seminars. This time the general topic is related to the “Jews and Gentiles in Pauline Theology”.The first lecture was presented by Br. Elio Passeto with the title: “The Status Quaestionis of the Pauline Theology”.

Andrea and Maria returned from their Apostolic Experience in Poland. Ania shared: “It was a great joy for her to live together with Maria and Andrea“. Now Andrea and Maria are in Ecce Homo for their second Apostolic engagement. Getting to know the live in a Pilgrims house with the Biblical Program activists in the midst.

Sr. Colette returned from her home visit refreshed and full of energy.

Sometimes I wonder how time is working, as it seems it travels faster so often during some moments of time. During these next days I will go to Egypt for the meetings of the CNF Team (Jilvaneide; Darlene and Juliana) who will meet this time in Berba, Egypt. Lucia and Nancy are continuing their Apostolic engagement in Egypt among the village population of Berba and are coming back with Juliana to Ein Karem at the beginning of October. They will continue their Apostolic Engagement in the Novitiate Community for the months of October together with Sr. Colette to welcome Sr. Celia into the Community. They will show her around Jerusalem and help her to get acquainted to know her way around during the first days of her being in the Holy Land.

I will be on holiday from October 6th until the November 9th when I will happily return to my responsibility. The Novitiate Program will continue after the Mediterranean Assembly. We continue with a week workshop, semi retreat on prayer with Sr. Maureen, a sharing and teaching with Sr. Trudy on the Psalm prayer and with Sr. Ann Catherine about Jewish holidays and with Sr. Maureena Fritz also about Sabbath and in the Bat Kol institute are scheduled during November and December.

During these days here in Ein Karem I had a remarkable experience by participating in the juice fasting group of secular Israelis. They come for a 3 day session and are fasting with Vegetable juices in order to cleanse their bodies as they prepare to cleanse their mind and soul as a preparation for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. As the only Christian among the 30 participants I felt I was well accepted in the group and I learned how secular Jews prepare themselves for the High Holidays and live regular Sabbath time.

Juliana for the St. John in Montana community