Lucia and Nancy in Egypt

“We live in a world near to and yet far from the Kingdom of God.
It is in this world, so loved by God, that we have been called.
It is to this world that we are sent by the Church to proclaim our faith in God’s Kingdom already growing among us.” Const.12

On July 3 Nancy and I arrived in Egypt for the second experience of our apostolic year. We came to enjoy our sisters in Berba for summer activities in a village and to have a better understanding of the Arabic world. Our first week in Berba was very exciting and we enjoyed a lot our big community with: Sr. Jackie, Darlene, Victoria and Wafaa, Nancy, Lucia and Marceline form Congo. But for most of the time we have been four.

It was amazing the care and the lovely welcome that the people gave us in the village and in their own houses as well. Everything here is simple, we found them very happy and generous people, for us they have what is most important in their lives, a joyful spirit and a smile radiant on their faces. We ‘have experienced’ the kingdom of heaven among them, in some families we could feel the love, joy, hope and charity in daily life. They don’t know but some mothers were examples for us of courage and hard work.

We celebrated Sr Darlene´s life, we thank God for her life and mission in Sion, especial in Egypt, and her family as well.

We were delighted to do some activities with children of all ages and high school girls in our house and in the garden, when we tried to make some handicrafts with them. It was a big challenge for us because we don’t know their language and they have a little English, but on the other hand it was great to see the power of a smile and gestures of affection in trying to understand each other.

Lúcia de Fátima NDS, Novice
Congregational Novitiate Ein Karem, Jerusalem
August 15th 2017