First Orientation Week 2016

During this week we have been learning many details of how to live in our new house, the Novitiate. Everything is new and exciting to us. We are working hard and also enjoying this experience. It will be an efficient formation for our lives.

To start our reflections and in order to become more aware of the importance of the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple; Sister Anne Catherine gave us our first lecture about Rites of the birth of a Jewish child. This reflection was a beneficial knowledge to understand the biblical background of this feast. Also it facilitated us to understand the sense God’s revelation to all the nations and what the meaning of it is for us as believers.

To complete the experience of the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple, the contemplatives sisters, the brothers, other sisters and us visited the Kehillah, where they had a special mass of this feast presided by the Patriarch. We had a good time sharing the mass, and also after it we met some people of this community while we enjoyed a delicious food with them.

Other special moment of this week was the arrival of Maria, who is a Postulant from Indonesia. She came this Sunday at 11:30 in the morning. Lucia, Andrea and Nancy went to pick up her at the airport. We were very happy and enthusiastic for her arrival because we had been waiting for her since three weeks ago. Also the sisters of the Mediterranean Region that are here meeting for their assembly are full of joy for her arrival.

We bless the Lord because the group of the new novices is complete now. So that we are ready to continue discovering our call in this majestic city of Jerusalem.

“How good, how delightful it is to live as brothers all together!
It is like the dew of Hermon falling on the heights of Zion; for there the Lord bestows his blessing, everlasting life.” (Psalm 133 1. 3)

Nancy Mena Fernandez, Novice NDS
Community St. John in Montana

February 7th 2016