Welcome to the new novices

Welcoming of the new Congregational Novitate 2016 – 18

Dear Participants of this Eucharist on the Eve of the third Sunday in the Year. I am happy to welcome you all and especially our new young Postulants. It was a great day to celebrate the First Vows on last Wednesday of our First Congregational Novitiate and we are going into our second Congregational Novitiate now.

Charism is a gift of God for building up the church. Its given to individuals and to groups for the good of all. Each religious institute is the recipients and guardian of such a gift or charisma. The founding members of our congregation had received their special charism of love, understanding and dialog. And they had the task to articulate this charism for their time and place in which they found themselves and lived in.

Today we begin the Orientation time of the second Congregational Novitiate, we can host in this precious and beautiful place. It will moves us into the Canonical Year and it is the beginning of reflecting and listening to “Jerusalem” our Sion, about our call and response to this call within our congregation and the church.
So I wish you Andrea from the Region of Costa Rica, Lucia from the Region of Bresil, Nancy from the Region of Costa Rica and Maria from Indonesia and the Region of Philippines. She can’t be yet present but we are happy to know that she will soon join us on this new journey.

A big welcome to you three and four young women here in the Congregational Novitiate in Ein Karem near Jerusalem. I may welcome you in the name of the Congregation and in the name of the Jerusalem family of Sion. I wish that you be able to begin with joy, openness and learning your next stage in your formation in Sion.
God bless you and be assured that you will be prayed for during this time often and daily.

Sr. Juliana Baldinger NDS
St. John in Montana Community, January 23rd 2016

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