Travelling to Israel

When I left Brazil, I didn’t realise just how much God had to tell me about travelling, about people, about cultures, languages and places …

My time in London was excellent. But, when it ended… my heart was heavy when leaving the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion in London and beginning something new. I travelled to Israel on September 3rd, 2018, and in my mind there was one single thought.

“My Lord and My God, I believe, but increase my faith, my courage and my desire to follow you!”

The trip was calm, until Barcelona, where I had to change flights. When they understood that I was going to Israel, a man called me into a room and asked me some questions about my stay in Jerusalem. I responded easily to the four questions he asked me. After that, I had to go through another small check of my hand – luggage. I had brought with me, among other things, a copy of the book ‘The Little Prince’, (it was a present from the community of Bayswater and it is one of my favourite books). I was a bit nervous about the situation at this point of time. When the man took my backpack and opened it, he took the book from my bag and then asked me a question:

“Do you like ‘The little Prince’?”
I said, “Yes…”
He said, “It’s my favourite book!”
And then he asked me another question:
“What is your favourite phrase in the book?”
I said: “You only see well with the heart; the essential is invisible to the eyes.”
He said: “Wow … it’s mine too!!”
He said: “Look, I have something to show you, and he lifted the sleeve of his shirt and showed me a beautiful Little Prince tattoo on his arm”.

After that, he put the book back into my backpack … and said “Good trip!”

This conversation made me think of the various forms of dialogue and communication. We, as human beings, are made up of words, sounds, movements and signs … This conversation reminded me of the charism of SION.

BUT I have to admit I was really worried when I landed at Tel Aviv. I still had to go through Immigration. There was a long queue, and I was there a long time. When I got through, it seemed that God acted wonderfully again.

Approximately two hours after the plane had landed, an attendant came and told me that my bags had not come on the flight. In fact, I was not worried, because I trusted that they would be delivered to the house the following day.

On the way out, I met the Sisters Juliana and Cesil; they were waiting for me and it was so nice to meet them.

And so, this was my trip … Oh, yes! My bags eventually arrived, but only after a few days. Here lies another story that I will keep and tell in a future article.

Erika Regina Santos, NDS
Ein Karem, 24. 09. 2018