The joy of working together

Autumn is the season that makes the connection between summer and winter.

The state of mind that emerges from autumnal feasts is the joy of the fruit of the earth mixed with melancholy for the gloomy weather.

Autumn is the season of rains, trees that weep in the rhythm of the falling of the leaves, clouds and the traveling or migration of birds.

The spirit of these days in Ein Karem is the spirit of harvest. Together with the workers and some volunteers we have been picking the olives from our garden. One day we received help from the smallest member of the Sion family, the great-grandson of Sr. Anne Catherine. A sweet and very clever child.

Some of us had this experience for the first time in their lives among these ‘first-timers’, I count myself. It was a great experience but the aspect I like most about this type of work is the joy of working together.

I always think how good God is to take care of all beings. I believe that these days we are God’s hands picking the olives which will then be processed into oil; oil that will be used to prepare different foods for different people. God’s people!

The only thing that is still missing is the rain. We are waiting for it with great joy and also a little anxiety, as the land needs the moisture and rain of this season of autumn.

Iulia NDS
Ein Karem, 26.10.2018