„St. John in Montana News“ 11/2017

Ein Karem, Wednesday, 29 November 2017

As we fly along with time so many events have taken place during this last two months. Juliana was away on holidays when Celia arrived from New York. Celia had a very warm early morning welcome at the Ein Karem gate on 11th October. After dropping her bags, Colette, Nancy, Lucia and Celia sat down to a festive breakfast. She had a day or two with Lucia and Nancy learning to find her way around Ein Karem, and also to catch the bus/tram to Ecce Homo and the market for shopping. The next day she began in the Centre for Biblical Formation at Ecce Homo with Marge and working also with Anne, Andrea, Maria and the Sisters at Ecce Homo.

On the 31 of October Andrea and Maria returned to the novitiate after their apostolic experience ministry at Ecce Homo. The month of November began by saying goodbye to Kathy Wolff who returned to Germany after so many years as a contemplative solitary sister among our Jerusalem community.

The month continued by walking together in Sion which summarizes our Assembly attitude. As day by day, we were reflecting together in view of our criteria – a culture of dialogue, interfaith relations, interculturality, solidarity with those living in poverty, concern for our common home and our own reality, our community, our context and our country. Mary Babic and Clare from the CLT joined us for our assembly which was much appreciated. Also the presentation about interculturality by Marge and Clare.

The last 3 months of preparation for the first vows began with the workshop on prayer with Maureen. She started us off with the question, “What is prayer for you? ”and “What is it that happens to you when you go into prayer.”

It is in that spirit of prayer and relationship that we ask you all to pray for rain in the Holy Land because the trees, the land and its people are thirsty for water and also for truth and love. Our cisterns are empty and our trees, flowers and vegetables are drying up as also its people in the midst of much hatred and discord.

Also during this month of November we will say goodbye to Maureen who has been living in and out of the Novitiate house during her transition time before returning to her home region of UK/Ireland.

Since this year is the year of Mission for the Novices we are celebrating all our birthdays together with a barbecue in our beautiful garden.

At the end of November there will be the celebration at Ecce Homo of Christ the King which closes the Liturgical year of 2017. We will begin the New Year with the Advent liturgy reminding us to be watchful, alert and expecting the unexpected. It is always very special to be in Jerusalem and to celebrate Midnight Mass in Bethlehem together as a Sion community.

Sr. Celia is busy getting involved in the Biblical Program set up in Ecce Homo and quite happy to come back to the Ein Karem village to share some time with the novices and community.

Juliana for the St. John in Montana community