Rozeni´s experience at Ecce Homo

Being at Ecce Homo I found that I could meditate about Jesus’ Passion, how he suffered and endured death on a cross. I felt that this place is holy and means so much to us as sisters of Sion. It means a great deal also to Christians, Jews and Muslims. I can pray in several places – at times in the Lithostrotos, in the Basilica or in the garden.

In Ecce Homo I can manage my work life and my spiritual life. Here too, I have many possibilities to make new friends, to know more about the country, to see other churches and to talk about our charism and spirituality.
In St. Mary’s I am making a good experience of community life. Once week I am responsible to prepare the prayer for the week and prepare the Peace Prayer with a member of the Chemin Neuf. At our morning prayer we have a moment to share our feelings about what has happened around of world and to share our personal feelings and prayers.

I am also responsible for one activity of the house. Once a week we have dinner together in St Mary’s community and sometimes we invite the volunteer or guests to eat with us. On Fridays we have the Parashah and a sharing about the portion of the week which Sr. Maureen sends out on the internet.
To me it is a very nice experience living in the Ecce Homo Community where I have the opportunity to improve my English, to live together with different cultures and to work for my congregation. At Ecce Homo I also have the opportunity to grow more in my spiritual life and as a person, and notably to love more the people from another culture. At Ecce Homo I did many things like serving guests at the table, making up beds, doing the wash up after meals and also working in the laundry. I am very happy to do this service for my congregation.

August 14; 2015 written by Novice  Rozeni