Retreat in Gethsemane

From April 1st to 3rd we had three days of retreat in a very beautiful place. We enjoyed a lot this time of reflection, pray and silent.

The view of Jerusalem’s city, the garden and the guidance of Sister Maureen helped us to be more open to the voice of God. The first day we could meditate in the Mount Sinai Revelation, the important of God’s revelation to Moises and what is it going to mean for us during this canonical year?

The second day we reflected in some texts that talk about Ayekah (where are you?), the God’s revelation to Adan and then to many others women and men in the bible. The point was how to identify ourselves through these texts and how we will respond to God’s revelation to us.

Finally we finished our retreat reflecting on the Mount Sion, the mountain of the Lord. With the character of Mary as a daughter of Sion we mediated in this question, what is the call of a Sister of Sion? Our call is like Mary to conceive the word of God. In other words give birth of the One who was the light to the nations, Jesus.
To close this special retreat we went to the mass of the Sunday of Mercy in the Gethsemane church.

Nancy Mena Fernandez NDS, Novice
Congregational Novitiate Ein Karem, Jerusalem