Continuing the inward journey

“Search me, oh God, and know my heart!; test me and know my thoughts” Psalm 139

In the last week of April, we prepared the house to receive sister Maureen Cusick. She came to continuous sessions on formation with particular emphasis on Human, spiritual and biblical development which we began last November.

The sessions started with the question from Genesis to Adam and Eve ‘where are you? Where are you in your self. Your identity; where are you with regard to your heart? Your emotions? With regard to your intellectual development. Your faith and your actions in life?

We spent time reflecting on our inward journey. For me, this was a call to find myself; to recognize my gifts and the shadow areas of my life, and this for me is to know who I am.

But, why is it important to ask this question not only once but constantly throughout our Lives.

At different moments of our existence, we go through transitions, in which we find new beginnings that can help us redefine ourselves once again us as human beings.

And each of these moments of change can bring out the best of us to build something new, but for that, we need to know ourselves.

Together with this, the more I consolidate my identity, the more I find the strength to continue my path and call in life.

This was two weeks of hard work, analyzing, sharing and learning, which we greatly enjoyed. It has been excellent for us to have someone with the formation training and empathy to help our formation and growth process during this canonical year.

During the second week, we also had the blessing of a visit of sister Patricia Watson who wrote the book “Spaces of Dialogue”. She kindly shared a bit with us about the subject.

We learned that dialogue is not only hearing the other. But it’s more about respect and equality and listening. It is when we see, feel and share one to the other.

We understood, also that in the relationships, especially communication is often the most difficult thing between us; About that we never stop learning!

On Saturday we had a break to enjoy a barbecue with the brothers and sisters along with the volunteers of the whole community. This was a way to celebrate the beginning of Spring and all the life that we have around us.

We began with prayer first and then we shared pleasant conversation and delicious food outside, where the Good weather gave us the perfect touch.

We finished this time of formation, with a retreat of 4 days. We had prepared well and had what we needed .So on the first Saturday of May we began with enthusiasm our silence and time with God, We great thanksgiving to God and also for the assistance of sister Juliana and Maureen. And of course, accompanied by the prayers of our brothers and sisters.

Helen B