Deepening our Sion’s charism and spirituality

This week, we have studied the history of our Congregation for the second time. We were well-fed by the information given to us, and we have learned how the Congregation has started. Moreover, it was also fun for we did the socio-drama, which really helped us to remember each detail of our Sion’s history. Somehow, we refreshed the history of the Congregation through the socio-drama for we acted out by ourselves. It leaves ambiguous memory in our heart, which we will carry wherever we will go. From our socio-drama, we have discovered that we have the talent of acting. Personally, I am deeply moved living in the land where the Ratisbonne´s brothers did lots of sacrifices for the Church and her people. To be in the place what we the sisters of Sion call the Heart of our Congregation with so much memorable memories from the past up to the present is, indeed, a wonderful blessing from God.

Written by Joey