A journey in to the Psalms

With a wonderful prayer on Monday January 7thwe started a Psalms program called ,,Psalms-Songs from the heart of Israel’’.

Gathered from all over the world, sister and friends of Sion started this amazing journey through the Psalms for two weeks. On the first day, after a morning of introduction and orientation on what is going to be the next two weeks, we had the opportunity in the afternoon to visit the Churches in Ein Karem with the group. We finished the day with a time of sharing the experiences of the day.

Guided by Sr. Margaret Zdunich we started the next day with the Church Documents. For two hours she introduced us to the ,,Nostra Aetate’’ document and to the other documents that came out after the Second Vatican Council.

After this section about Church documents we were introduced into Psalms by Rabbi Benjamin Segal who spoke about the order of Psalms, dating the Psalms, why and where the Psalms were written. He spoke about the psalms from the perspective of literature. We finished the second day with a really interesting Bibliodrama guided by Peta Jones Pellach. The next day Rabbi Dalia Marx gave us a lovely lecture about “Psalms as Liturgy’’. The whole week has been wonderful and full of new learning. We visited Yad Vashem on Thursday and on Friday we ended the week by thanking the Lord in Kol Ha Neshama synagogue.

Iulia NDS, novice
Ein Karem 12.01.2019