Day: 1. February 2014

Now I understand!

Alejandra: Now I understand why all the sisters said to me “You will like Ein Karem!” because it is really a wonderful place, the view is amazing. I know now why father Mary Alphonse decided to stay here. My first visit to Jerusalem is like a short film which I am watching and living at the same time. It was impressive to me to see so many people walking along the narrow streets. Clara: I have no words to express my feelings. When I came into Ein Karem, Jerusalem, my heart started to beat with excitement. I am really glad and I am blessed to live this experience. While I was walking there I prayed the Magnificat over and over again. Victoria: Once Father Theodore explained to the novices, “I want you to have hearts bigger than the whole world.”

On the way to Ecce Homo

Friday 31. January 2014 Remembering Alphonse after the event of January 20 where he wanted to know when he could receive the Sacrament of Baptism without he could not live. Gospel reading of the day: “He also said, “The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground.” (Mark 4: 26) What kind of seed do I want to scatter into the ground of our new community in the Novitiate? Charity, patient, love is patient, new life, everything is new, love, let you hearth be bigger then the whole world, respect, listening, Shma Israel, an open hearth, communication. We ended our prayer with the arrival of the first sisters in Jaffa: of the Extract from the Diary of the Ecce Homo as our Psalm. (page 56 in book 5) From Sunday April 20 to May 5 1856