Day: 16. February 2014

Sunday in the old city

Today is Sunday. We celebrate the Eucharistic with the parish of the Arabic speaking Latin (= Roman Catholic) community in Jerusalem. Then we had lunch with the Beit Ruth community of our congregation “Notre Dame de Sion”. And we enjoyed walking in the rain. In Jerusalem they never have bad weather! They either have “dry and hot weather” or “good weather”. Today we had good weather as all plants and people wait for the rain filling up the water reservoirs!

We beginn to walk

Visiting Mount of Olive

After our good night sleep we had breakfast and then walked up Mount of Olive. We read the letter of Father Theodores first visit to Jerusalem in Book Nm. 5 page 70 he writes: “ after an absence of 15 centuries, I have at last returned to my country. But what changes! In Jerusalem, everything impresses me, everything, moves me, I have had not the courage to go to the holy places: I feel no need to see, on the contrary I need to close my eys, and when I keep them closed, I see better than when I open them and look around me. In the Patriarchate I have Fr. Marys room. When I open the windows, I have before me the Tower of David (Turris Davidica), which remains unshakable on its base at the foot of Mount Sion.” The Church “Dominus Flevit” commemorates the Lord’s weeping over Jerusalem. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children …