The living Covenant of today

A covenant is an act of love between human beings and God where the confidence between both is important. When God chooses a nation or a person to live an act of love it is because he believes in the capacity of this person or nation to live it. Thousands of years ago God chose a people to live a covenant from generation to generation. Covenant in the Bible means “The conditional promises made to humanity by God, as revealed in scripture, it is an agreement between God and the ancient Israelites in which God promised to protect them if they kept his law and were faithful to Him” (Covenant – STEVEN L. McKENZIE). Today God lives this covenant with each woman and man who opens his/her heart and mind to hear his voice. Living a covenant with God means being for others: Saving life, rescuing dignity, respecting each person’s religion and each people, seeking peace between religions and people, loving the poor, respecting different people in their individuality and culture.
Covenant can be between persons, in friendship when it is a sign of confidence, fidelity and truth between both.

written by Rozeni