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Hebrew lession

Hebrew lesson with Sr. Michele.  Shalom is the Word which she used for teaching us the first letters of the Hebrew Alphabet . “Shalom” The letter shin stands for fire. The letter lamed stands for learning, study and teaching. The letter mem stands for water. As fire and water are eternal enemies so is the letter lamed which stands for learning, study and teaching, and also the letter for knowledge by heart (Lev), the one who brings together two opposites, two enemies, water and fire and makes peace between them.

Hebrew speaking Community

On the way to the evening mass in the Kehila, the Hebrew speaking community, we bought some material for decoration of our prayer corner and had a cappuccinooooooooooo together before celebrating  Eucharist and meeting friends. Read this article in French:

Oh my God!

Oh my God! Climbing trees and picking grapefruits for our new fruit presser was our morning engagement. In the afternoon we engaged ourselves in serious sharing of our weekly schedule which we will begin living next week. We ended our day with the “Entering into Sunday” together with the sisters in the Ein Karem community, the Brothers of Sion and Associates of Sion. Our reading in the book “Foundations and Last years” we liked the saying of Theodore on October 25, 1858, page 64 “Our Father made the siesta mandatory and said that we could eat between meals if necessary”.

Rozeni arrived!

“Sr. Juliana cell Phone number: ————-; she will pick me up here at the airport.” was one of the prepared answers of the questions Rozeni had in her pocket, just in case. Prayer: John the Baptist come to disturb; King Herod did not like to be disturbed, and so John was put to death. We prayed that in our community life we will be attentive and open do be disturbed, in our way of  acting, doing, and living community life.


Hope and Joy is our daily bread. In November 16, 1858 Father Theodore come for a visit. There was an urgent need for him to do so in view of the importance of the problems and Fathers Mary absence in Franc where he was very ill. He said that he would prefer to close the house in Jerusalem then to allow there a Spirit which was not a faithful reproduction of the early spirit of Sion. (This early spirit of Sion is found in personal and community prayer and in lived charity with one another.) Father Theodore insisted that our community must consist of holy and obedient souls.  

Our first Visitor

In the morning after breakfast we went to the market of West Jerusalem. We bought fruit and vegetables, cheese and bisquettes, a fruit juice press, cups and washing hanger. Now we can make lovely juice of the many grapefruits which you can find in the garden of Ein Karem and welcome our visitors with home made juice. Our first visitor is Walter from Costa Rica a assosiat of Sion, educator in the Colleg of Sion in St.Jose and come to Isael for a session in Yad Vashem about the Shoa. In the book of Father Thodore number 5 day October 20,1858 page 61 we read: “As to the mission of the doughters of Sion in Jerusalem, our Father said that it was not yet clearly defined, but that it was a mission of prayer and edification rather than of active work… He wanted Sion to be a center of prayer and charity and insisted that our communties  must consist of holy and obidient souls.

Day 6

Gospel reading Mk: 6:7-13 And our Reflection today is, just to be is a blessing, and our life is a message of freedom, of trust, in focusing on Jesus, who says: “Go forward, don’t be afraid, enjoy and be calm!” We read in the book 5 page 59 to 61 as our Psalm. Nov.15.1856 the sisters write: “The bread still hasn’t come. The Princess asks why. The French council tells her that permission from Rome is necessary.”