Our first Visitor

In the morning after breakfast we went to the market of West Jerusalem. We bought fruit and vegetables, cheese and bisquettes, a fruit juice press, cups and washing hanger. Now we can make lovely juice of the many grapefruits which you can find in the garden of Ein Karem and welcome our visitors with home made juice. Our first visitor is Walter from Costa Rica a assosiat of Sion, educator in the Colleg of Sion in St.Jose and come to Isael for a session in Yad Vashem about the Shoa.

In the book of Father Thodore number 5 day October 20,1858 page 61 we read: “As to the mission of the doughters of Sion in Jerusalem, our Father said that it was not yet clearly defined, but that it was a mission of prayer and edification rather than of active work… He wanted Sion to be a center of prayer and charity and insisted that our communties  must consist of holy and obidient souls.