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Lectio Devina

Begin with a quiet moment. Attentive reading: In reading the text, ask what the text says in itself: First read it aloud, Then read it quietly, even a few times if necessary. Pay attention to: the time in which the story occurs; when and where it was written and in which language; to whom it is addressed. Where does the text appear in this chapter: what is before it, and what is after it? Ask yourself what kind of text this is: a story, a prayer, a letter, a song, a prophecy …? Where does the story occur: in a closed or open space? What do I know about this text: have I already heard this story or is this the first time? Now look at the words in the text, especially if some are used more often. Who are the people in the text and what are they doing?  Do the people know one another or not? How does the text speak about God, and what picture/image of God can we see there? To …

Telling our story

Today it was Juliana telling how she meet Sion and what brought her to Jerusalem. Abram starts out on this venture and leaves his home. He abandons all his safety, all his security. Since that tale of Abraham we know: a promise can only be fulfilled if we start out. Never in her life, after the death of my father, had my mother worried about her own wishes. It was hard for her, in post-war times, to bear the responsibility for three small girls (I was just three). Often, she did not know how to pay for the next school excursion or for the warm midday soup during winter months, or for the school milk; to say nothing of our children wishes! In this atmosphere of uncertainty, of want and hardship, we grew up, the three half-orphan girls of Holzackern, a village of Upper Austria, amidst fields and woods. We probably had no material security, but Mother was always generous, even though we had very little. No beggar left us without something to eat, and …

Daily living

Schedule of our daily living keeps us busy. Beginning with morning prayer, daily mass and bible readings next to personal prayer and learning to get to know one another. Different Cultures, age and background is meeting around the coffee table or in helping by washing up in guest house and walking down the street.

Kotel and Holy Sepulchre

Strolling along Jaffa road, through the Jewish Quarter, in reaching the Western Wall and Holy Sepulchre we come to  Ecce Homo for the closing mass of the Spanish Program. The song “Jesus remembers me when you come into your Kingdom!” stayed with us.