Nonviolent communication

In our 3 days session with Fr. Guy Theunis, M.A. about Non Violent Communication everyone were startled by the fact that violence is innate in us as we are part of this wrenched world where everyone exercising violence each day through our actions and the words we exchange to each other.

Nonetheless, life is full of choices whether to continue to be a part of violence or to have a courage to stop this heinous act and holding on to that freedom to take a step to follow our Master of Non Violent way none other than our Saviour Jesus Christ. His desired is to change people´s heart to repent and believe without judgement. There are millions of reasons why violence is present around us and those reasons can be only understood within each person´s story with respect and with an act of loving service to each one.

During the session we learned 2 different ways of languages by Marshall B. Rosenberg:
1. Jackal / Wolf language is a language of demand and composed of offensive ways.
2. Giraffe language is one of kindness and non offensive way.

In this session we learned so many important things like how to negotiate with someone and discovering who we really are in dealing with our emotions especially when tensions arise. In connection to this session after one day break we had 2 days spiritual session facilitated by Fr. Don, M.A. the session focus on how to handle fear and anger.

Anger and fear is a messenger and a reminder to us that nothing to be afraid of and making them as our friend at thesame time picking up the message behind on it. Feeling are like people that needs our respect, needs to be listen and takes time to heal depends on how big and deep the wound is. There are also cases of anger that expresses´´action for justice.´´ Anger and fear do exist because it has story to tell us and provoke us to do something or to take action. They are like salt giving flavour to our lives purifying our love to our brethren as we love our God. It is in our hands to rebirth, revive and live hope for a better world by tranforming first ourselves to be able to respond to Pope Francis call to wake up the world.

Prayer: “Lord, make us an instrument of your love for we believe that in non violence way is the best action to stop oppression in the whole world.Guide us in everything we do that we may able to bring peace and reconciliation to each one and to our broken world. Amen.”

written by Joey