Lockdown and Easter 2020

In this time of lockdown, the Coronavirus has forced the cancellation of events and this situation calls us to change our life to a greater understanding of life’s reality, maybe to the understanding that we are not made of permanency.

And so how do we live this time of uncertainty, of interacting with restrictions? Inside our Convent in Ein Karem we are interacting very little, remembering to keep the two meters distance between us, which is not always easy to remember. Our daily routine of prayer, mass via media streaming, daily duties of cooking, we do little shopping, but when necessary we go for milk, fruit and vegetables. I am the lucky one because my Hebrew lessons continue via Zoom with lots of homework to do. Our daily prayer becomes a zoom opportunity as Ania in Poland and Therese in Ireland, also Rose Theresa and Maureena participate with us in this media way of connecting and praying together.

One Friday we celebrated the beginning of Shabbat together with Maureena who came to join us. The quietness and the beauty of the place with its spring flowers blossoming and the smells of the first blooming of the orange and lemon trees made the place a heaven for itself, if there wouldn’t be knowledge that we are living a moment of crisis, of uncertainty for so many of us inside the convent walls and outside.

Colette is staying in contact with all the workers and all of us with our families and friends via internet, telephone or using What’sApp.

Erika is bringing life to the Ecce Homo community with her creativity and beauty she creates around her.

Some of us are more fearful then others and some are more frustrated then others.

The question to be on service and at the same time to be cautious of the other’s fear and health continues to be a daily question?

I am more connected via What’s App with my family these days.

The Passion reading of Palm Sunday Mat: 26:28 gives account of the word “But Jesus was silent” “ or he did not answer anymore, one word”. When it comes to proclaim Truth Jesus speaks and is judged, or just answers, “you say so”. So I wish us all the Easter celebration were the proclamation of truth fills our life and gives us the courage to proclaim.

Sr. Juliana NDS