We looked at the Socio-eco-political and religious situation in the time of the prophet Muhammed in the 6th century in Arabia. The two leading superpower empires at that time were the Byzantines (Ghassauids) and Persian (Lakhmids). Arabia is a desert and at the same an oasis. There are plants growing in the midst of the desert. The people of the land were nomadic however there were also settlers in Arabia. Their basic source of livelihood was trading. Mekka is the center of Arabia, it is also a place for religious worship, the Ka’aba. The Arabian people during that time were polytheists. The religion was polytheism. They believed and worshiped many gods. There were also Christians (Heretics) and Jews present in Arabia. Also there was a religious movement at that time called Hanif. This movement did not arise from Judaism and Christianity. They were Arabians who got tired of worshipping many gods. Jews and Christians have Traditions and Scriptures while the Hanif do not have Scriptures to follow. The similarity of the three existing groups during that time was the belief in one God.

written by Victoria