A Biblical “necklace” – what’s about?

To make a necklace (harizah), a midrash says you must first know how to pierce a hole in a pearl, then how to use the proper thread in order to string together the pearls to one necklace.

The aim of making a necklace, harizah, is to manifest the divine origin of the Torah and to stress the unity of the Tenakh, (the unity of Revelation), the project of God. The pearls are found in the Torah, the Prophets (Neviim), and the Writings (Khetuvim). These pearls make present that the project of God is not ended.

P.T.Hagigah 2,77b

Making a necklace reveals the divine origin of the whole of Scripture (Torah, Prophets, and Holy Writings), their unity, and their permanent relevance.

My Father, Abuyah , was one of the great personalities of Jerusalem. When the day arrived for my circumcision, he invited all the great personalities of Jerusalem and installed them in a house.As for Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua, he placed them in another house.

When the guests had finished eating and drinking, they started clapping their hands and dancing. Rabbi Eliezer said to Rabbi Yehoshua: “While they are spending their time in their own way, let us occupy ourselves in our manner.” Thus they occupied themselves with the words of Torah, going to the Prophets and from the prophets to the Hagiographa (the Holy Writings).

A fire descended from heaven and surrounded them. My Father Abuyah said to them: “My Masters, did you come to set fire to my house?” They replied: “God forbid. But we are sitting and making a necklace (harzim and not hozrim) with the words of the Torah. We passed from the Torah to the Prophets and from the Prophets to the Hagiographa, and the words became joyous as they did when they were given on Sinai, and the flames were licking as they we licking on Sinai.

Indeed, when these words were given for the first time on Sinai, they were given in fire, as is said in Deut 4:11…. “And the mountain burned with fire to the heart of heaven.” My Father Abuyah said to them: “My Masters, since such is the strength of the Torah, if this son lives, I will consecrate him to the study of Torah.”

Midrash on the Song of Songs 1:10

The neck is alive like the written Torah, and what gives beauty to the neck are the pearls strung together as a necklace; this is the Oral Torah. Why? Because it is through the Oral Torah that you reveal the beauty of the written Torah (the necklace shows the beauty of the written Torah).

From the very beginning, over and over again, God sends people to guide others, and because  it is the Word of God, it is valuable for today to share this Word in the continuity of the people’s activity.

Torah is the written Word of God which is also called the Five Books of Moses, and they are the books of the Covenant.

Prophets: The role of Prophets in the Bible is to challenge in times of wealth and security and to encourage in times of conflict as to how to be faithful to the covenant God made with his people. We read in the Prophets how God is working in history.

In the Psalms and Writings, wisdom language is used, as it is the universal human language so that everyone might understand the significance of the covenant God made with Israel, that it might be accessible to everyone.