Well, we got to Purim!!!

Another Jewish celebration which commemorates the salvation of the Persian Jews from Haman’s plan to exterminate them in the ancient Achaemenid Empire (First Persian Empire founded in the 6th century BC by Cyrus) as it is written in the Book of Esther.

Studying the origin of Purim with Sr. Anne Catherine, and updating the context of biblical history to our reality. Purim speaks to us about the care of human beings (defects and qualities), faith, hope and unity.

It also gives us a great lesson about knowing how to wait on God and hear what God is saying.

Queen Esther knew how to wait for the right moment to speak, and the king knew how to listen to his wife. Esther also knew how to unite her people in prayer and fasting and to ask God for the salvation of the Jews when it seemed they were condemned.

I learned some things that are present in religious life as I read this book. For example: The Beauty of Esther comes from God and she uses it to help others. The Bible tells us that the king loved her more than all other women, so that he made her his queen, and organized a feast in her honour, decreed a day of rest for all the provinces of the kingdom, and generously distributed gifts for all the people (Esther 2:18).

The love of God must be recognized in us, wherever we are in different works and countries we must reflect this beauty.

Example 2: The Courage of this woman is another important point, because to enter the presence of the king in his private quarters without this being called a crime which could be punished with death. But it was not only the presence of God that made itself known.

After fasting for three days, Esther gained the courage to speak to the king in front of Haman (Esther 4: 15-16).

Today God calls us to have the courage and wisdom of Esther in the world, we are chosen to bear witness and help in the growth of the Kingdom.

Example 3: Esther’s Faith made her go forward. I imagine, she was afraid but none of this was greater than her trust in God.

She appealed to the Lord to ask for direction of what she should do, after all, the salvation of her people depended only on her faith.

There are more things I still have to learn from the book of Esther, but for the moment these qualities are Beauty of God, courage and faith.

May the Lord help me to have the virtues of Esther, and be in Sion a tool used by God for the sake of the kingdom.

Happy feast of Purim to all

Erika Regina, NDS Novice
Ein Karem, Novitiate