Visit to the Tent of Nations vineyard

Last friday, June 20-2014 we hade an eye opener exposure to the place of David Nassar, a Palestinian Christian family fighting for their ancestral land since 1991 when the Israeli government declared the whole area an Israeli State property. Nassar has all the original land documents from the Ottman period up to this present government. They fight their rights in a legal way and brought this issues to the high court. Nassar family situation is just one concrete example of exploition around the whole world fighting for land, life, dignity and freedom against their oppressors.

According to David Nassar, “our response to this injustice is not with violence, not being a victim and not by running away but by facing it in a non-violent way by channeling our pain to be in a constructive power that leads to a better future under the slogan: we refuse to be enemies.“

They are calling us for help especially for the international supports to walk with them not behind or in front of them but to walk with them side by side.