The perpetual Profession of Br.Tiago

Tonight complete 130 years since Father Mary alphonse died. And this death is source of life for all
who came after him in Sion and who preceded us. Today we are Daughters and
Sons  of  this  life  that  we  celebrate  200  years  of  birth  and  130 years  after his
death that is part of God’s plan. We are responsible for the continuation of his
work built with his brother, where Jerusalem is the result of his persistence or
his response to the insistence of God.
The  vows  of  Brother  Tiago  is  well  placed  in  the  context  of  this  celebration.
Tiago, today you will engage in  a religious  family desired by  God for  a clear
mission   in  the  Church  to   the  world.  Testify  that  the  plan  of  God   towards
humankind passes through the faith of Abraham, by the formation of his people,
the  Jewish people,  its Torah, by  which  we have  Jesus  Christ, that  opened the
promises    of God    to all  the Nations.  And    we   are  called  to testify  that the
understanding  of  this  wonder  of  God  (God  became  Jewish  man),  is  always
linked   to the  chosen   people    and  that  the  chosen   people   is for  the  whole
humanity.     You have  already done  a  great  deal  of  experience  in  his  religious
family and now is the de?nitive step for you. Doing your vows in this place of
live memory of Alphonse Marie where we give thanks to God for the  130 years
of  its  presence  in  heaven  and  among  us  by  his  example,  you  encourages  us,
gives hope to the future. Then with Father Marie e Father Théodore we can say
to you: eternal welcome in the religious family of Sion. ‘In Sion Firmata Sun’.

Text shared by Br. Elio during the celebration.