The fourth candle is lit

vierter_advent-286x300We are near to our awaited and greatest day! This Sunday we light the fourth candle, if we pay attention of our advent wreath is it more shining than before and the light is stronger than the darkness. As we know, we light the “candle of love,” and it reminds us as Christians that God loves us more than enough because He sent his only Son to became man in order to unite the heaven and earth, to re-establish harmony between man and God.
The readings have helped us to walk step by step and to prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus our Savior. The gospel of this Sunday is about Annunciation, God sent his angel two thousand years ago for Mary to announce the good news. As human being we have thought that it is impossible to experience what Mary had but we have this experienced through our daily life because God send His angels to watch and lead us. If we are in the place of Mary when the Angel visited her, what will be our answer? Are we going to say yes too without any hesitation? Are we ready to receive Jesus the God of our Salvation? The Angel greeted to Mary “the Lord is with you” In my daily life every time I get up every morning to start my work and to help others I have experienced that the Lord is within me through His gracious joy and unfading energy. The Angel says to Mary “Do not be afraid” we have also experience this phrase in our own situation where we are living, for our human world is full of insecurity and violence. “The Holy Spirit came upon you” this word give us hope and assurance that we are not alone in our own journey. When God asks something from us he gives the Holy Spirit to guide us, so we must work with all our strength and with all our hearts for nothing is impossible with God. These words comfort us and give us the courage to face the fear inside of us especially when we are needed to stand against any evil acts. “Here am I” the YES of Mary was the most valuable yes in the world in order for us to be saved and also this yes is more important than the history of man when NEIL AMSTRONG took his first steps in the moon. Our yes to follow Jesus must be strong everyday as Mary’s yes with all her joyful heart.

written by Alejandra