„St. John in Montana“ News 06/2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers

Our small community, now of three sisters Sr. Juliana, Sr. Colette and Sr. Ivone continue living and serving in the Novitiate house and the garden, the guesthouse and through volunteer work also at the St. Louis Hospice. The work at the hospital provides care for the dying, including Jews, Muslims, Christians, Israelis and Palestinians. It is also helping refugees.

The Novices who served their apostolic Ministry in Ecce Homo for the last two months are ready now to go to Egypt for their three months experience. Ecce Homo has provided them with the experience of serving in a variety of ways in the guesthouse and as interns in the biblical program with Sr. Maureen.

The novices in Poland have written the following: “Our Poland experience has been a very fruitful experience. We have visited many places, the opportunity to know the history and the life in Krakau, meeting some sisters – Sr. Anne McNally and her niece Patricia from Australia and Sr. Michele. We have enjoyed many Polish dishes and visited Wadovice the town of St. John Paul II. Our volunteer work included the Jewish community centre where we also attended some lectures on Judaism. At the Montessori school we shared about our native countries as part of the student’s English and Spanish subjects. Our visit to Auschwitz was the most significant and a very moving experience.”

On the 1st of July we had a barbeque with the Jerusalem community for Sr. Ivone who has been part of our Novitiate Community for the last 3 years. She has worked in her task of being with the novices as a sister in community in a beautiful manner. She engaged herself in all the tasks of community living, and was always ready to help and give her support. We, the novitiate Community say a big THANK YOU IVONE for your graciousness, generosity and for sharing your gifts among us. We wish you every blessing in your new Ministry in your country of Brazil.

Sr. Colette is on her holiday in Ireland and England during July and Juliana continues her Hebrew classes during the summer before she goes on her holiday to Austria.

We wish all blessings for the summer holidays. May they be a joyful time of connecting with Family and friends.

Juliana for the St. John in Montana community