Sharing the gift of life

I do not want your hearts to be less all-embracing than the sea which surrounds you.
It is charity which expands them to infinity.

Fr. Theodore Letter to the sisters at Chalcedon, September 3, 1866

We have had such a wonderful week. To star our week with Rozeni’s birthday, it was so nice sharing the gift of life. God has created us with our own values and personalities. Each one represents a kind of flower so living together we are able to make a beautiful bouquet.
Last week we went to Ecce Homo to have the opportunity to celebrate Yum Kippur with the Jewish people at the Western Wall. We were walking in Mea Shearim’s streets going to the Synagogue and then we celebrated Sunday mass in the Patriarch Greek-Catholique church. And this week we are having the opportunity to experience Sukkot.
Sr. Anne, sister of Our Lady of Sion, gave us a little input about Sukkot. Sukkot is derived from the root meaning “shelter, booth or tent” and signifies a temporary dwelling in order to remain the simplicity of life, some people who are living for their whole life like that, the frailty of human being and the most important and significant to remind God the only one who is protecting everyone.
We are excited for our Galilee walk so in order to be ready we are training ourselves walking every afternoon around the village.

written by Clara