This week we are preparing for our apostolic experiences with mixed feelings: happy and sad
because we will separate from one another. We are pretty sure that we will enjoy these
experiences. This week Geymi from Ecuador asked us to take care of Sophie her daughter
because in the Kehila community where she used to leave Sophie with the volunteers who take
care of the children is closed this week because they went camping. Our community accepted
her request to take care of Sophie for 3 days.

Now, finally we can say that our house is finished. We have been working in our garden planting
flowers and vegetables. How lovely seeing our garden green and colorful!
On Friday evening Sister Maureena Fritz invited us to have the Sabbath meal in her house.
Before that we went to the Synagogue called Kol Haneshma wich is a progressive Synagogue.
A young lady was leading the prayer service and for me the prayer was amazing! I noticed that
all their prayer was from the book of Song of Songs and everyone was singing. Sister Maureena
explained to us how to use the prayer book.

In the beginning of the prayer book I found message that caught my attention and moved me to
reflect. “Pray is not entertainment. Prayer is a discipline like music, running or meditation. If you are
here to observe you will be bored. Know that according to tradition prayers include both music
and silence. Try to relax from all tension. We all come to synagogue with mixed feelings and we
are aware of these feelings in prayer. We do not try to escape from them. We let our feelings
influence our prayers and our prayers influence our feelings. Rabbi David J. Teutsch.
After the prayer we went to Sister Maureena’s house with her warmth welcome. She prepared
well the house especially the dining table where we found our names. We enjoyed this day
especially our sabbath meal with Sister Maureena and the way she explained things for us to
understand well and didn’t use difficult English words. Her simplicity touched each one’s heart.

written by Alejandra