I write a brief preamble of the essence of the psalms.


I say this because breathing is life is the breath of divine on its creation, and I think psalms are like songs prayed. They represent human states of mind like repentance, thanksgiving, adoration, hope, joys, judgment … all of these states of mind in tune with the sacred.

There are 150 beautiful Psalms in he Biblical collection. There is an invaluable wealth of knowledge, fellowship, revelation, and growth in God that we cannot calculate.

I loved the explanations given by the teachers and the visits to various relevant sites were amazing and full of stories.

Stories already told by the Bible, by writers, by cultures … but here in Israel history can also be read in nature: in the silence of the rocks, in the noise of the waves, in the wind, the song of the birds … Nature, glorifies God and sing of glory. Fragments of records are left in time as signs of the visible and invisible God.

The atmosphere is inspiring, the senses urgently want to sing hallelujah to the creator, and to breathe in this air is wonderful as it enters the body and is filtered through the nostrils and reaches the lungs.

Like a psalmist, I also raise my song of thanksgiving to the Lord.

Most High God of the Universe, I thank you for the life that you breathed into us humans … Thank you for the nights of rest … For the days of work … For the Earth and all that it produces.

For the sun that warms us, for the water that purifies us, for the air we breathe … Thank you for the people who cross our paths every day …

Thank you for the awareness … for the challenges that make us grow, for the understanding of my brothers and sisters.

Thank you for the house that I live in, for the Sion family… for friends who walk with us on our way in life.

Thank you for the body that sustains our soul and makes our journey possible … Thank you for all the opportunities, for all the achievements, for each sacred moment, for each breath, for each thought, for each revealed feeling.

Thank you for the heartbeat …

I am grateful, especially, for having the opportunity to love, more and more. Thank you for the past, present and future … Thank you for your call to me… Thank you for your breath … And if I forgot anything, thank you for your forgiveness.

Erika Santos, Novice – NDS